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Wait. Are we in Hawai'i?

I look around and don't see any palm trees or mongoose so I know I'm not in Hawai'i, but the presence of afternoon rainbows is confusing me. In Hawai'i it's normal to experience pop-up sunny rain showers in the afternoon, and seeing those arched beauties appear across the sky. But in New England? Two afternoons in a row? Confusing...but also amazing. Check out the ones I saw yesterday:

Left arches of double rainbow

Double rainbow, left arch

Right arches of double rainbow

Double rainbow, right arch

Full rainbow

full rainbow

Sure, the pine trees in these pictures hint that I'm not in Hawai'i, but what the pictures fail to convey are the crazy temperature fluctuations that accompany the appearance of these technicolor wonders. First it's hot, then it's cold, then it's hot again. All day. I never know what to wear. Do I take a jacket, a fleece, and shorts and a raincoat everywhere? The constant wardrobe decisions are exhausting me and that's what caused me to wonder what is going on with the weather. And just like that, I came up with a theory. (You can send me a mahalo later.)

My theory is that Mother Nature is going through menopause. And, like many females during this time of life, she is losing her tolerance for stupid crap, like fracking and hydrocarbon emissions and plastic in the seas. And all that stupid crap she's being forced to tolerate is making her lose her cool. Sure, other people describe it as climate change, but I know menopause and I'm telling you...this is the real deal. (Besides, stating anything about climate change could launch this blog into the realm of "Fake News", so I'm not going to state that. Openly. I'm just gonna share these New England afternoon rainbows with you as if these weird weather patterns and temperature changes were perfectly normal and nothing to wonder about.) Mother Nature is pissed off and it's not gonna be pretty, folks. Let's treat her with some respect and see if we can make things better. Aloha.

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