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Finding Our Inner Poet

After taking my road bike in for servicing and replacing the rear cassette with something more appropriate for this land o' hills that is our new home, we decided to visit the Poet's Seat Tower in Greenfield, MA. It was another stellar weather day, and the clouds provided drama in the gorgeous azure sky.

Poet's Seat Tower

Poet's Seat Tower, Greenfield, MA

The tower was first constructed in wood in the late 19th century, and was rebuilt in stone in 1912. The stonework lends the tower a distinctly medieval feel, especially when taking photographs framed by the arched lookouts.

My trusty companion with our ever-cheerful guide


This was my first time to the tower in several decades, but the view was just as spectacular as before, and it's easy to see why poets found inspiration from the tower's peak. The uninterrupted views of the hills all the way into New Hampshire certainly can tame a mortal's perspective about our place on the earth.

View 1

View from top

View 2

View from top

View 3

View from top

Surrounding the tower are several trails that comprise the 117-acre Rocky Mountain Park, which connects to other trails and parks in the area. With such easy access, mountain bikers and hikers can climb up to Poet's Seat, and others who need or want to can drive up the road to the tower. No matter the method chosen to get to there, the views atop Poet's Seat are sure to please!

Panoramic view

Panoramic view from the top


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