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Women's March Postscript

We had arrived in the DC area from all parts of the continent to make a statement. On the train heading to the Capitol Mall, I met two young couples who had journeyed down from Toronto to participate. They said they knew of many other Canadians who also made the journey south for the event. During the march, we saw people who hailed from Maine, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, and the Midwest. All around us, we heard other languages being spoken, and saw signs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages I couldn't recognize. And the messages, although they were unique, all shared a common theme: We are watching, and we will vocalize our dissent. We will resist this madness. And you will have to listen because we won't stop speaking until you do. Hear what we are saying: Women's rights are human rights. Black lives matter. Science is real and climate change is not a liberal conspiracy.

We are serious because this situation is serious. We do not want to go back to the 1950's, or to give up those freedoms that make our society the unique and amazing place that drives thousands of immigrants to move here in search of a better life. We may feel, as I do, that I can't believe I still have to protest this shit. But regardless of why we were there, I witnessed yesterday that whatever our motives may be, we will not stay home and passively accept what is happening. We will shout about climate change and sexual assault and the militarization of our police and the nascent xenophobia trying to grip our nation like a vice. We are here. We are watching. And we will hold you accountable.

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